In safety news:

According to a new National Safety Council analysis, the odds of dying from preventable, everyday incidents are far greater than they used to be – the greatest ever, in fact, in United States history. A person’s lifetime odds of dying from any unintentional cause have risen to one in 25 – up from odds of one in 30 in 2004. Every 10 minutes, three people are killed, 847 are seriously injured, and society incurs $18.42 million in costs due to accidental causes such as drug overdoses, motor vehicle crashes, falls, drownings, choking or fires. In response to the deadly trends, and recognizing a public need for easy access to the data, NSC is digitizing its annual 98-year-old Injury Facts® publication to create a new, easily updatable online platform that gives an early look at emerging issues, puts data in historical context and helps Americans understand where their safety priorities really should lay.

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