In safety news:

Reports suggest that OSHA has ordered its inspectors to crack down on employers who failed to electronically file their 300A, 300 Log and 301 injury report forms. Due to confusion over implementation of the Obama-era rule, OSHA said that for 2017, employers who came under the regulation only needed to file their 2016 Form 300A. The deadline for filing their 300A forms containing 2016 data was then set for July 1st, 2017, which later was postponed to Dec. 15th and then again to Dec. 30th. According to OSHA, a little more than a third of workplaces that were required to respond did not file the reports. As of Jan. 1st, 2018, OSHA no longer accepted the 2016 data and it’s now too late for those employers who did not do so to submit their 2016 Form 300A.

Read more via EHS Today here.

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