In safety news:

As part of its 2015 Workplan, the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) will continue or begin five audits to determine OSHA’s effectiveness.  In a report released this fall, the OIG listed “protecting the safety and health of workers” as one of its “significant concern(s) that cause the Department [of Labor] to be particularly vulnerable to mismanagement, error, fraud, waste or abuse.” The OIG cites OSHA’s limited resources as the reason for its concerns. Previous audits found that, due to a lack of outcome-based data, OSHA didn’t always effectively target and inspect the highest risk industries and companies. The five OSHA audits to be conducted are: Whistleblower Protection Programs, Usage of National Emphasis Programs (NEPs) and Local Emphasis Programs (LEPs), Voluntary Protection Program, Adequacy and Timeliness of Abatement Verification, and Enforcement and Inspections at DOL-owned Job Corps Centers.

Read full details from Safety News Alert here.

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