In safety news:

OSHA administrator David Michaels warned that blaming reported injuries on “careless” employees will likely result in an inspection. Michaels made the comment in a recent speech at a National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (NACOSH). The prepared transcript states: “Employers blame too many injuries on ‘careless workers’ when we know the real cause of most incidents in which a worker is hurt is the presence of an unabated hazard. Too often we see employers blaming workers for being injured when that very employer has failed to provide protective equipment or guards or failed to train their workers in safe work practices. We have to make sure employers know that injuries are not the worker’s fault – and that the employers are responsible for preventing injuries. That’s what the law says.” The speech also covered the goals of the new reporting requirements, which are not just increasing penalties, but also increasing the agency’s contact with previously untouched employers.

Read further coverage of the speech from Safety News Alert here. Read the speech as prepared here.

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