In safety news:

A recent report from the Center for Public Integrity (CPI) has called workplace injury and illness in the U.S. a “slow motion tragedy for American workers.” The CPI explains that OSHA’s ability to protect workers is severely limited compared to other agencies tasked with protecting the general public, noting that OSHA’s permissible exposure limits (PELs) are outdated and limits for specific substances set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are 10 to 1,000 times more stringent, in addition to OSHA’s comparatively tiny staff numbers. The report uses silica exposure as a key example, citing the 40 year old (and still incomplete) effort to place tougher limits on the common cancer-causing hazard. The CPI goes on to explain that even “if [a silica exposure standard] is enacted despite industry protests, it will be only the 37th health standard issued by the agency in its 44-year history.”

Read an overview from Safety News Alert here. Read the report from The Center of Public Integrity here.

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