In safety news:

Twenty-six workers injured when an oil rig collapsed in the Bay of Campeche, killing one, sued the rig manufacturer in federal court this week. The group has named Friede & Goldman Ltd., a Houston company, and its affiliates as the responsible parties in the suit, claiming that the rig maker should have known about the design flaws that caused the accident. The court documents provide little detail about the accident itself and reports conflict, but the workers are seeking lost wages, medical expenses and punitive damages for gross negligence, products liability, negligent design and negligent misrepresentation. Pemex, Mexico’s nationalized oil company, contracted out the rig manufacturing and blames a faulty leg for the collapse that caused an emergency evacuation and at least one fatality. The workers were employed by Typhoon Offshore, an oil service firm owned by Mexican conglomerate Grupo Salinas.

Read further details from Courthouse News Service here.

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