In safety news:

OSHA has fined a New Orleans-based tank cleaner $226,310 for two willful, three repeat and four serious violations that resulted in the death of one worker. After a inspection, the agency found that the employer, Dedicated TCS LLC, failed to test the atmosphere inside the tanker before three employees entered the tank, and to mandate that the workers attach a lifeline to their harnesses to allow a rescue. One of the workers died in a previous accident, and the other two were hospitalized. OSHA had previously cited Dedicated TCS for the same confined space violations three times before at its locations in Illinois. Willful violations at the New Orleans location included failing to test atmospheric conditions within a confined space before allowing workers to enter and failing to evaluate a rescuer’s ability to respond in a timely manner and function appropriately while rescuing entrants from confined spaces.

Read the full release from OSHA here.

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