Insurance Auditors Association of Louisiana Launches with Aim of Closing Talent Gap

Insurance Auditors Association of Louisiana (IAALA), which was officially established in July 2016, is now collecting contact information from interested parties and will open membership and announce local events later this year. IAALA is a chapter of the larger Insurance Auditors Association of the Southwest (IAASW).

Louisiana Comp Blog spoke with Nancy Hebert, Audit Department Manager at LCI Workers’ Comp, to get details on the goals of the Louisiana chapter and its plans to put education of the younger generation at the forefront of its mission.

Hebert, who is leading organization of the local chapter, is based in Lafayette and has an extensive background in premium auditing, including a decade with LCI. She, Randy Broussard of LCTA Workers’ Comp, Lynette Greco of Summit Holdings, and David Christensen of Zoom Audits are serving as the de facto board of the local effort.


Comp Blog: What was the impetus for forming IAALA?


Hebert: Education, mostly, and it’s also a good networking opportunity for those people who contract out their audit services to various carriers. There’s not a lot of opportunity for education for auditors and we feel we can help. We have a lot of talented and experienced auditors in the field, but they’re aging, we’re all aging, and so we need to get our younger people trained and up to speed.


Comp Blog: How does leadership work at the regional and chapter levels? Is there a board?


Hebert: At both the regional and local levels, there’s not so much a firm board, but rather a system of volunteers that want to further IAASW. Right now, we are following the same path as a chapter. We have a loose collection of participants that participate at the level they are able. There are four of us now that are taking the ball and running with it.

Nancy Hebert


Comp Blog: What are the goals of the Louisiana chapter?


Hebert: Our goals in Louisiana are essentially the same as the IAASW – education, first and foremost.


Comp Blog: What can local auditors do to sign up for the Louisiana chapter and start getting involved?


Hebert: Currently, our main goal is generating interest and gathering contact information for Louisiana insurance auditors so that we have an idea of our network and what kind of events they want. We want to have full membership set up by the end of the first quarter. Anyone who is interested should contact me at or to get on our list.

The regional association annual seminar will be held in Baton Rouge on October 4th and 5th, 2018, so I want as many Louisiana people to know about it as possible so that we have good representation there. IAASW moves the seminar around the four states that comprise its membership each year. We have sister chapters in Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas.

Aside from the seminar, we in Louisiana are aiming to do our own training sessions on an annual basis, plus monthly bulletins with news and other events in the auditing community.


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