January “Comp in Focus” Luncheon Featured Denis Juge, Brought Attendees from All Sides

Louisiana Comp Blog hosted the third “Comp in Focus” luncheon yesterday at Ralph’s on the Park in New Orleans. “Comp in Focus” is held bimonthly and seeks to create a meaningful dialogue between a variety of stakeholders within Louisiana’s workers’ comp system by discussing the larger issues facing the comp community as a whole. The speaker for the January event at Ralph’s on the Park in New Orleans was Denis Juge, a prominent workers’ comp defense attorney with Juge, Napolitano, Guilbeau, Ruli & Frieman out of Metairie, the author of a treatise on Louisiana workers’ comp, and the co-author of the LABI Workers’ Compensation Desk Book. Juge addressed the status of the “Grand Bargain” in today’s comp system, amid national media criticism of state-run comp and calls for federal intervention. As a part of that discussion, attendees wrestled with questions such as the rise of Texas-style opt-out, the possible need for another National Commission like that in 1972, and cases for and against the importance of “regional competitiveness.”

Check out the photo gallery below to learn more about the event!


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Photography by J.R. Thomason

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