Keogh Cox Re-Brands with Focus on “The Right Ingredients”

Keogh Cox (formerly Keogh, Cox and Wilson) a mid-sized law firm based in Baton Rouge, recently unveiled a bold re-branding strategy that stands in stark contrast both to the firm’s previous look and to the marketing efforts of legal teams in general. Given the magnitude of the leap, Louisiana Comp Blog took a deeper look at what went into the process with the partners who drove the change and the marketing firm that enacted the vision.

Chris Jones and Virginia “Jenny” McLin, partners with Keogh Cox specializing in class action and complex commercial litigation and workers’ comp, respectively, noticed the need for a firm-wide facelift years ago, but bringing the group together required a meeting of the minds that was a long time coming.

“We had a firm retreat about two years ago, and in the process of that we started discussing re-vamping the website and bringing it up to speed and eventually Deborah [McMurray from Content Pilot] was recommended to us. They specialize in new looks for law firms around the country,” Jones explained.

Previous Keogh Cox branding

Previous Keogh Cox branding

The next step was to give Content Pilot, under McMurray’s leadership as CEO and Strategy Architect, a foothold to start with an evaluation and hone in on what wasn’t working. “We initially hired Content Pilot to do an assessment of the old website…it didn’t take very long for them to convince us during that presentation that we needed to do something,” said Jones. “As you might imagine, having twenty lawyers agree on something is difficult, so we relied on Content Pilot’s expertise.”

Regarding that expertise, Content Pilot chose to build the re-brand around a singular idea – the notion of ingredients and the bottles of Cajun seasoning that Keogh Cox distributes to its clients on a regular basis. That impetus generated the final slogan as it is displayed on the new homepage: “The right ingredients for complex cases in Louisiana.”

However, the food theme isn’t just a watered down attempt to play on Louisiana stereotypes. “It’s not just a tagline, it’s based on the work that they actually do,” McMurray explained. “Everything we say, we prove [on the site.]”

Jones and McLin in their new portraits on the Keogh Cox site

Jones and McLin in their new portraits on the Keogh Cox site

Further, the vibrant color palette superimposed on the gray background of the site was an extension of the firm’s real attitude that had been hidden behind the original KCW brand. “Our accent colors are called cayenne and curry – because we’re spicy!” McLin affirmed. “Ultimately, we wanted to make our outsides match our insides. We’re a pretty technologically advanced firm; we’ve been paperless for awhile and we’re very efficient because we embrace technology in our processes, but our website didn’t reflect that. It looked dated and generic. It was an old-school look and we’re not an old-school firm!”

The entire process, which started back in the Fall of 2014, also includes a new label for the firm’s locally famous bottles of Cajun seasoning, plus new koozies, water bottles, hats, pens, and other materials to bring the message full circle to clients and potential clients.

Another aspect of its online emphasis is Keogh Cox’s active social media engagement (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) and its Louisiana Litigation Blog, updated regularly by firm partners and associates. “A lot of clients make contact online now, so we needed something that we’re proud of and now we have that,” Jones said.

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