Marginal Interests: Troy Prevot, Executive Director of LCTA

Welcome to “Marginal Interests,” a series highlighting the varied reading habits of the local comp community. This month, we spoke to Troy Prevot, Executive Director of the Louisiana Commerce and Trade Association (LCTA), a group self-insurance fund for workers’ comp, currently in the midst of making the change to a mutual insurance company.

Comp Blog: What’s the best book you’ve read recently and what spoke to you about it?

Prevot: Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves. It really confirms that you don’t have to be “book smart” to know how to engage and understand individuals you work with every day. It links success with the emotional side of business

Comp Blog: What’s your favorite book of all time and why?

Prevot: I have too many favorites to name one. If I had to name something I would have to say the Harry Potter series ranks way up there. They are great escapes and watching a character grow up in a book was interesting. One book that marked a time in my life that stands as one of my favorites was All the President’s Men by Woodward and Bernstein. It marked a time in my life when I started thinking about the real world of politics and how power can corrupt people.

Comp Blog: Any favorite literary characters either from childhood or now?

Prevot: Harry Potter is again at the top of my list here, but I did also enjoy the Hardy Boys series as a child!

Comp Blog: Favorite author right now?

Prevot: I switch between Dan Brown and Greg Iles (from Natchez, Mississippi).

Comp Blog: Are there any books that you return to again and again?

Prevot: I’m embarrassed to say that I only re-read medical texts and articles to keep up to date and keep my physician’s assistant license current! I have re-read Good to Great by James C. Collins a few times though.

Comp Blog: What genres do you gravitate to the most?

Prevot: I mostly read religious fiction when I’m not reading business-related books. I do like biographies as well.

Comp Blog: What’s your book collection like (paper or digital, organized or chaotic, etc.)?

Prevot: Chaotic for sure. I love hardcover books, but I do read digital books on my iPad as well. I find that if I am going to read a digital book I like the Kindle and Nook e-ink, as it is easier on the eyes.

Comp Blog: Any favorite book stores you’ve encountered?

Prevot: I love Barnes and Noble anywhere, but I really like the small booksellers like Bayou Booksellers in Hammond. When my children were little we would go to dinner on Friday night and then go to the bookstore and they could choose a book. It will always be one of my fondest memories.

Comp Blog: How do you think reading benefits your personal and/or professional life?

Prevot: Just the sheer ability to escape from the stressors of the day is of great value with personal reading. I do find some of the self-help books can remind you of how you should act, both as a person and in your professional relationships.

I think professionally I find help in some readings where the author has experienced similar difficulties in their professional life. I am not a fan of books from “consultants” that haven’t invested in themselves professionally. I research the author before I invest my time.

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