Meet Clarissa Preston, NCCI’s New State Relations Executive for Louisiana

NCCI has a new State Relations Executive for Louisiana, Clarissa Preston. Preston is a Louisiana native with varied experience in the workers’ comp industry, including as a regulator with the Louisiana Department of Insurance. She is currently responsible for Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, and Arizona, as well as Louisiana. Preston spoke with Louisiana Comp Blog about her role.


Comp Blog: Tell me about your professional background.


Preston: I’ve been in the insurance industry for quite some time now. I previously worked for the Louisiana Department of Insurance as a regulator. I’ve also worked for a law firm in Baton Rouge as a governmental relations lobbyist with insurance clients. I’ve also been an insurance agent. I’ve even done a little work as a paralegal for an attorney doing insurance and family law. And my internship was with a law firm during my paralegal schooling. So I guess I’ve been around insurance since the mid to late 90s.


Comp Blog: So it seems like most of that experience was in Louisiana as well?


Preston: Yes, I was with the Louisiana Department of Insurance for almost 15 years, so a lot of Louisiana regulatory. I moved to NCCI where I started picking up other states when I worked as the Agent Relations Executive prior to [my role as] State Relations Executive.


Comp Blog: What are the duties of the State Relations Executive versus your previous position with NCCI as Agent Relations Executive?


Preston: The Agent Relations Executive focuses strictly on improving and maintaining our relationships with the agent community. That was a position that NCCI started early 2015, and as our relationships got better, we moved that piece to each State Relations Executive to work with the agent associations and stakeholders in each state. We merged that and so that’s when I became a State Relations Executive (in early 2017).


Comp Blog: Most of the local workers’ comp industry sees the State Relations Executive and her work at the Louisiana State Advisory Forum. Can you provide a preview of November’s event – what can we expect this year?


Preston: The State Advisory Forum as usual is going to give you an in-depth analysis of the workers’ comp environment both in Louisiana as well as countrywide. We’ll bring up some trending topics that we’re following, and state federal legislation that may be important. I’ll also be doing a few slides on some of the medical data reporting that we have available. It’s 9-11 so maybe a little bit shorter this year. It’ll be myself and our state actuary for Louisiana Brett Foster who will be presenting.


Comp Blog: Is there anything about the transition from Laura Hart Bryan to you as State Relations Executive that the industry should be aware of?


Preston: Really it should be just a change of phone number and a change of email address. We’re all pretty cross trained. Just like Laura, I’m from Louisiana, born and raised, so I have a good feel for the Louisiana environment. It’s good to be home.


Comp Blog: How can we get in touch with you?


Preston: My contact number is 561-945-4517, and my email address is:


Image Credit: NCCI


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