Preview: Louisiana Claims Association Conference to Be Held in Scenic Natchez June 27-29

The Louisiana Claims Association (LCA) is gearing up to host its 2016 Educational Conference and Expo in Natchez, Mississippi at the end of the month, with the theme of “Meet Us on the Mississippi.” The event, which brings together claims professionals from a wide variety of lines of insurance, will provide networking opportunities and a chance to reconnect with colleagues around the state. We spoke to Linda Alwood, Executive Director of LCA, to learn more about what’s new this year:


Comp Blog: What are you looking forward to at this year’s conference?

Alwood: We have a great lineup of speakers this year. They’re always good, but this year we have some new voices and topics and it’s going to be even better. I’m really looking forward to Natchez too, it’s beautiful.

Comp Blog: How about networking opportunities, what’s on the docket?

Alwood: This year we’re having the icebreaker reception offsite for the first time, we’re calling it the “Mark Twain” reception to fit the theme. We’ll be bussing everyone out to Dunleith Plantation, which is beautiful, and it’ll give attendees a chance to unwind. We’ll also have lunch and breaks in the exhibit hall so people can visit with each other. LCA also rented out Bowie’s Tavern right by the Convention Center for the Tuesday after party.

Attendance should be really high this year, we’ve had a lot of people register. Fewer exhibitors, but a lot of attendees.

Comp Blog: How about CE?

Alwood: There’s a ton of CE credits up for grabs in the sessions. We’re doing three hours of flood for the first time, and a full three hours of ethics, which is new. And we’re going to have a session on USL&H for what I believe is the first time this year.

Comp Blog: What can workers’ comp claims professionals expect to gain?

Alwood: I’m looking forward to the session on defending international spine claims, that should be really interesting. And of course we’ll have the usual topics on pain management and other current issues.


The Louisiana Claims Association conference is open to attendees from Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Alabama. Registration and more information can be found on the LCA website here.

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