SOS ‘18 Speaker Profile: Trae Jones of Insurity

Louisiana Comp Blog’s upcoming tech conference, Spotlight on Solutions, will bring together various stakeholders in the workers’ comp industry on June 15th in New Orleans to discuss how technology is changing comp and where we’re headed in the age of endless information.

Leading up to the conference, this Q&A series will allow attendees to learn more about our presenters and what they have to offer. Below, Trae Jones of Insurity, talks about how his team works to anticipate market trends.


More information and registration for Spotlight on Solutions is available here.


Comp Blog: What is your educational background?

Jones: I hold a BA from James Madison University and an MBA from Loyola College in Maryland.

Comp Blog: How long have you been with Insurity?

Jones: I joined Tropics Software, now a subsidiary of Insurity, Inc. ten years ago, where my role has spanned a variety of product strategy, account management, sales and marketing functions. I am currently Director of Sales at Insurity.

Trae Jones

Comp Blog: What positions did you hold prior to joining Insurity’s leadership?

Jones: I worked in the consulting world for roughly a decade, providing software vendor evaluation and project management services to P&C carriers and self-insurance groups.

Comp Blog: What does your day-to-day look like in your job?

Jones:  In my current role at Insurity, I work with Insurity’s workers’ compensation clients to solve operational challenges through the use of innovative software solutions. To ensure that Insurity’s software solutions stay on the leading edge of the market, we collaborate with clients, business partners and leading industry analysts to keep Insurity’s product roadmap in line with the current and future needs of the industry.

Comp Blog: What are the key takeaways that you would like Spotlight on Solutions attendees to gain from your presentation?

Jones: We hope that the Spotlight on Solutions attendees walk away from the presentation with an enhanced understanding of the trends we see in the core systems market, as well as the investments core system vendors are making in their products to meet future market demands.



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