SOS ‘19 Speaker Profile: Trevor Lightbound, CHSI Technologies

Louisiana Comp Blog’s upcoming tech conference, Spotlight on Solutions, will bring together various stakeholders in the workers’ comp industry on June 27th in New Orleans to discuss how technology is changing comp and where we’re headed in the age of endless information.

Leading up to the conference, this Q&A series will allow attendees to learn more about our presenters and what they have to offer. First up is Trevor Lightbound, VP of Implementation Services at CHSI Technologies in Las Vegas. He’ll be presenting on IT vendor management at the conference.

More information and registration for Spotlight on Solutions is available here.

Comp Blog: What is your educational background and current role with CHSI?

Lightbound: I earned a Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. My major was Information Technology Management. I was a Senior Systems Analyst, Business Analyst – Team Lead and Co-founder previously. I’ve been with CHSI for eight years.

Comp Blog: What does your day-to-day look like in your job?

Lightbound: The Vice President of Implementation Services is responsible for enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. This is done by overseeing the employees that work on technical implementation projects for the CHSI Technologies client base. I manage direct staff reports working on implementations of the software, CHSI Connections, and third party system integrations. I’m also responsible for key implementation metrics.

Comp Blog: How does technology influence your work?

Lightbound: Technology in the workplace has helped workers become more efficient than ever before. CHSI sells a technology product to help insurance companies, so emerging tech is embedded into our product and we see it every day. More directly within my department we use project management software to organize the backlogs and track budgets which adds to the overall success of our client projects.

Comp Blog: What are the key takeaways that you would like Spotlight on Solutions attendees to gain from your presentation?

Lightbound: Managing IT vendors is a two way relationship and an ongoing process. If done right, projects will go smoother and decisions in vendor selection will not be made on cost alone.

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