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Supreme Court Sends Barber Case Back on Procedural Grounds – Next Steps and Reaction

This week, the Louisiana Supreme Court decided that it will not rule on the constitutionality of the 1009 process in the Barber case, due to a procedural issue with 19th JDC Judge Johnson’s initial decision. Read on for more details about how the case will proceed and how a range of local comp attorneys perceive the move.

“Apples to Beef:” Barber and Valois, Plaintiffs in 19th JDC Constitutionality Suit, Speak Out

The 19th JDC constitutionality suit that has recently rocked Louisiana’s workers’ compensation system has been discussed at all levels of industry and labor since it came out at the end of last month. However, the impetus behind the suit and the drivers of it have not been a focus of the debate. Louisiana Comp Blog sat down with Janice Barber and Jennifer Barber Valois, the claimant attorneys named as plaintiffs in the case against the Louisiana Workforce Commission and associated parties dealing with the medical review (1009) process, to get their forthright perspective on why they took on the agency.