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March WCAC Meeting Centers Around Pending Legislation, Introduction of New Medical Director

The March meeting of the Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council (WCAC) took place last Thursday at the Department of Insurance in Baton Rouge. Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration (OWCA) Director Sheral Kellar guided the Council and the public through several key pieces of business, including the appointment and introduction of the new Medical Director. Representative Chris Broadwater (pictured) gave presentations on a variety of bills he has filed for the 2016 Legislative Session, currently in its third week, and members voted on whether or not to recommend both his and several other pending instruments to the appropriate Committees.

Scott Angelle Talks Comp, Robinson Fields Fee Schedule Concerns at LASIE Open Forum

Yesterday, LASIE hosted its annual Open Forum and Legislative Recap in Baton Rouge. The event included a variety of speakers addressing everything from the recent 19th JDC decision declaring parts of the MTG process unconstitutional to the organization’s first self-insured health presentation since LASIE decided to open the Association to all lines of self-insurance. However, the highlights were two issues at the forefront of comp community concerns: the upcoming gubernatorial election and the update to the medical fee schedule from the Office of Workers’ Compensation. Scott Angelle opened the forum with a rousing speech in support of self-insurance and the workers’ comp industry.

Second Injury Fund Gets Appropriations Increase, Director Williams Talks Details

The 2015 Legislative Session was a successful one for the Louisiana Second Injury Board. In addition to the passage of Senator Peacock’s SB107, which removed the sunset provision on Second Injury Fund deductibles, thus securing the deductibles for the life of the program, the Board received a requested $10 million appropriations increase in the state budget bill, (HB1) bringing the total allocated funding to $59,290,715 – with no increases in insurer assessments.

Comp in the Capitol: Taking Care of Business (As Usual)

The final few days of the 2015 Legislative Session are upon us, and as legislators prepare to depart from Baton Rouge with some complete set of budgetary resolutions, the Session appears to be closing for the comp industry as quietly as it began. This is the last Monday legislative update for the 2015 Session, which concludes on Thursday, June 11th, by 6 PM.

Comp in the Capitol: All Quiet on Legislative Front

With one remaining key bill yet to be heard, HB205 by Representative Gaines, all remains quiet for the comp world in the Legislature this week, while several bills move forward in the process. Every Monday throughout the session, which is slated to end on June 11th, Louisiana Comp Blog will keep you up to date on the complete list of bills we are tracking, and the latest developments.

Comp in the Capitol: Formulary Bill Dead, Medical Treatment Schedule Bill Waiting to be Heard

UPDATED: The 2015 Legislative Session will hit the halfway point with this week of debate. Now that the closed formulary bill (SB256) is effectively dead, the last major comp measure to take the spotlight in Committee is HB205. A hearing of HB205, which is sponsored by Representative Gaines and extends some deadlines in disputes over medical treatment, was scheduled for Thursday, May 14th, in the Labor and Industrial Relations Committee and later removed from the agenda. A substitute hearing for the bill has not been determined yet.

Comp Stakeholders Respond to Failure of Closed Formulary Bill in Committee, Urge Bipartisanship

The closed formulary bill for workers’ comp (SB256 by Senator Martiny) was voluntarily deferred in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee on Wednesday, May 6th. Louisiana Comp Blog spoke with WCAC formulary task force members Greg Hubachek and Troy Prevot to get their perspective on the what led to the defeat.

Comp in the Capitol: SIG Investment, Medical Marijuana Bills Move Forward

The 2015 Legislative Session is moving along at a rapid clip, although the major comp measure to watch of this Session (SB256, proposing a closed formulary for workers’ comp) has not yet come up in Committee. Every Monday throughout the session, which is slated to end on June 11th, Louisiana Comp Blog will keep you up to date on the complete list of bills we are tracking, and the latest developments.