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A.M. Best: Insurance Has an Imperative to Address AI and the “Art of the Possible”

A.M. Best recently hosted a webinar on the Insurance AI Imperative, featuring expert speakers and sponsored by Cognizant. Host Jon Weber of A.M. Best framed the discussion as an opportunity for some insurers to get ahead of the pack, while others could fall behind. The panelists were Jennifer Herz and Mike Clifton of Cognizant.

La. Voices React: New A.M. Best Report Shows Record Premiums Written Since Great Recession

The U.S. workers’ compensation sector reported a record high $58.5 billion in direct premiums written in 2016 despite economic, regulatory and legal issues that threaten to reshape the market, according to a new A.M. Best special report. Louisiana Comp Blog reached out to local voices to get their take on the report, including why, in this profitable environment, the need for reform remains a constant refrain.

“Function and Fundamentals:” The Story of Demotech Inc.

Demotech Inc. is not a household name, it isn’t A.M. Best or Standard & Poor’s – it also doesn’t want to be. Ratings and actuarial studies often take the brunt of insurance industry clichés; Louisiana Comp Blog spoke with Douglas Powell, Senior Financial Analyst at Demotech Inc. to clear up some of the misconceptions and talk about what Demotech has to offer as a smaller independent rating service. In Powell’s words: “Our focus is on the business model of the entity, not its size.” Read on for the rest of Powell’s take on the issue.