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Agents React: Pie Insurance Aims to Disrupt Workers’ Comp w/ Online Tool

Pie Insurance, a digitally-enabled direct distribution workers’ compensation insurance business, recently launched its pricing tool at InsureTech Connect in Las Vegas. The company’s initial product is an interactive “Price Predictor” that allows small and medium-sized businesses improved insight into their workers’ compensation insurance premiums. Louisiana Comp Blog asked prominent local agents what they thought of this potentially disruptive technology.

Agent Spotlight: Andy Dressler of The Firm of Louisiana

This month’s “Agent Spotlight” features Andy Dressler of The Firm of Louisiana in Lake Charles. Dressler sat down with Louisiana Comp Blog to share his life-long love of Louisiana, the insurance business, and his grateful mentality. Read on to find out why Dressler will never be a “yes man” for his clients, even if it means a longer explanation.

Agent Spotlight: Charlie Brunt of The Brunt Group

Anyone who speaks to Charlie Brunt can tell immediately that he is a true family man, the Brunt Christmas this year had a whooping forty-six family members in attendance – and those were just the ones that could make it home! But even beyond his personal life, Charlie Brunt is the 24/7, 365 go-to guy for his clients. Read on to get his perspective on insuring local businesses and the importance of communication and service in an industry that can be perceived as anything but familial.

Agent Spotlight: Tim Clements of Clements Insurance Services

Tim Clements of Clements Insurance Service is not Elvis, but his personality comes close. As the 2014 winner of the PIA Young Insurance Professional of the Year award, Clements is a leader in the world of independent agents. The man known by his friends as Tim-a-rim-a spoke with Louisiana Comp Blog about his life, growing family, insurance philosophy and Mardi Gras fanaticism.

Training the Next Generation of Independent Agents: Louisiana Insurance Academy at Delgado

The first cohort of the Louisiana Insurance Academy at Delgado Community College is set to graduate in early December, and they will be ready for employment or internships at agencies across the state. We spoke with LIA founder and instructor Parke Ellis about the initiative and the importance of recruiting young talent to the insurance industry.

Agent Spotlight: “A Generalist with Some Specialties:” Ross Henry of Henry Insurance Service, Inc.

Ross Henry, of Henry Insurance Service, Inc. on Brookline Avenue in Baton Rouge, immediately gives off the impression of a man dedicated to his craft, however, he carries the look and confidence of not just a salesman, but a fiercely independent mind. Such minds often recall their early days in the industry with clarity rather than estrangement, and Henry is no exception.