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Women in Comp: Janelle Frost

This month’s Women in Comp featured executive is Janelle Frost, Chief Executive Officer at the publicly-traded, DeRidder-based AMERISAFE Inc. Frost recently earned the top job after spending nearly her entire career at every level of AMERISAFE’s operations and she is the first woman to hold the position. The secret to her success? Letting opportunity find you.

Allen Bradley, Outgoing AMERISAFE CEO, Reflects on Industry and Legacy

AMERISAFE recently announced that CEO Allen Bradley will be transitioning into a new role as Executive Chairman of the Board and that G. Janelle Frost will be succeeding him at the company. Louisiana Comp Blog reached out to Bradley to discuss his career, his thoughts about the workers’ comp system at large and what he loves about Louisiana after a storied and varied career in and out of workers’ comp.

In Memoriam: Comp CEOs Discuss Aubrey Temple’s Legacy

The sudden passing of Aubrey Temple following an accident at home has shocked the workers’ compensation community this week. Louisiana Comp Blog spoke to two top workers’ comp executives – David J. Bondy Jr., CEO of LUBA Workers’ Comp and Allen Bradley, CEO of AMERISAFE – to get their thoughts on Temple’s life and legacy.