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Guest Post: Jack E. “Bobby” Truitt on Case Management Software

Louisiana Comp Blog invited local attorney Bobby Truitt to address the features of case management software for law firms and adjusters and weigh in on the benefits afforded by the technology. Read on for Truitt’s take on the available options, with commentary from Lee Glickenhaus, President of T Lex, a provider of web-based case management tools for such companies as Sears and Kmart.

North Shore Claims Association to Host Inaugural Meeting, Aims to Become Upbeat Networking Resource

A new local North Shore-focused chapter of the statewide Louisiana Claims Association (LCA) is set to host its first event and establish itself as a competitor to other local chapters. Louisiana Comp Blog spoke to Matthew Monson, Secretary of the North Shore chapter and immediate past-President of LCA, and Randy Jackson, President of the North Shore chapter, to learn about the organization’s genesis and goals.