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CorVel Confirms “Ransomware Event”

CorVel Corporation, a third party administrator with offices around the nation, including one in Metairie, suffered a security issue that began on July 21st. The nature and extent of the problem was not immediately clear last week, as CorVel’s email communications and customer-facing services were temporarily nonfunctional. 

Women in Comp: Elizabeth Lowry

Louisiana Comp Blog’s new “Women in Comp” series highlights the role of women in the workers’ comp industry in Louisiana. These exceptional business leaders will discuss their careers and backgrounds, plus explore what it means to be female in the insurance world. Our inaugural interview for the series is Elizabeth Lowry, Area Manager at the Metairie office of CorVel Corporation. Read on for Lowry’s candid thoughts about the workers’ comp industry in our state and the challenges executive women face in today’s workplace and larger social structure.