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Louisiana-based Insurers Ready for Continued Harvey Recovery

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the Texas coast as a Category 4 storm on August 25th with winds of 130 miles per hour and went on to devastate Houston, Beaumont, and parts of Southwestern Louisiana with floodwaters and other damage as the days wore on. Now that the affected areas have switched to recovery mode, we reached out to workers’ compensation insurers based in Louisiana that also write in Texas to ask how they are handling the crisis and if they expect any increase in business due to re-building efforts, as occurred in Louisiana after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005.

LUBA Leadership Reacts to Best Rating Reaffirmation in Tough Market

Recently, A.M. Best announced that it affirmed Baton Rouge-based LUBA Workers’ Comp’s A- (Excellent) Financial Strength Rating, in the face of a persistently soft local and national market for comp. Given the good news, we spoke to Mike DePaul, a CPA and COO of LUBA, along with LUBA Communications Director Kelli Troutman, about how the company has maintained its footing.