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Op/Ed: Oklahoma Claimant Attorney Bob Burke Addresses Opt-Out, “A Serious Threat to America’s Workers”

Bob Burke, author of the following editorial on Oklahoma’s opt-out or “Option” system, is a former Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce and Secretary of Industrial Development, served as Chairman of the Legal Committee of the Fallin Commission on Workers’ Compensation Reform and has spent 16 years as a member of the Oklahoma Advisory Council on Workers’ Compensation. Burke also rewrote the entire Oklahoma workers’ compensation statute in 2011 and has represented injured workers for 35 years.

“The Exclusive Remedy is Dead:” Oklahoma Confronts Duck v. Morgan Tire and the “Foreseeable” Accident

Last month, the workers’ comp industry in the southern region of the nation received another shock comparable to the Padgett decision in Florida. This time, the wave originated in Oklahoma with Duck v. Morgan Tire. Louisiana Comp Blog spoke with Bob Burke, counsel for the plaintiff, about the case and the “death of the exclusive remedy.”