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WCRI FlashReport Imagines Texas-like Formulary in Louisiana

The Workers’ Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) issued a FlashReport on Tuesday which attempts to show how a Texas-like closed formulary, such as the Work Loss Data Institute’s “Official Disability Guidelines” formulary, might affect the prevalence and costs of drugs prescribed to Louisiana state employees. Louisiana Comp Blog reached out to local stakeholders to get their take on whether or not Louisiana prescribers would respond to a formulary the way Texas has and the way WCRI ponders in the report.

Telemedicine Gaining Ground in Comp Arena

Telemedicine – the use of phone or online video conferences to connect physicians with patients as opposed to traditional office visits – is a growing trend in workers’ comp, with supporters that cite extensive benefits for both payers and claimants. Challenges remain in both the legal and logistical arenas though, including a Sherman Act case between Teladoc and the Texas Medical Board. Louisiana Comp Blog reached out to local and national players to get their perspective on the rise of telemedicine.

ARAWC’s “Option:” Local Attorney Nathan Schrantz Responds

The “opt-out” as a viable alternative to workers’ compensation is a key point of contention in many states, especially as Oklahoma recently adopted their own “Option.” In this commentary, defense attorney Nathan Schrantz, of Daniel Coker Horton & Bell, who practices in both Mississippi and Louisiana, offers his perspective on the legal issues inherent in an “Option” and presents the potential implications for Louisiana.