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How Can Return to Work Become a Reality for More Injured Workers? | CorVel’s Rhonda Coffee on Vocational Rehabilitation Challenges

Vocational rehabilitation can be a four letter word in the workers’ compensation arena, and trust in voc rehab counselors remains tenuous – especially when a claim ends up in litigation. Is there anything we can do to make this resource more effective?

Dene’ Mathies: From Vocational Rehabilitation to Foot Decoration

Vocational rehabilitation is often an underappreciated part of the workers’ comp process, but great voc rehab professionals act as an intermediary between the injured worker, their employer and the carrier. Proper rehabilitation ensures that the life and cost of a claim stay under control and that the injured worker is able to either return to work effectively or find other fulfilling employment. Dene’ Mathies is one vocational rehabilitation professional that gets it right. Louisiana Comp Blog spoke to Dene’, who retired in November 2013, about her life, her career and what she’s up to post-retirement.