Triax Hosts Webinar on Spot-r Clip Safety Innovations for Jobsites

Triax Technologies, a company that focuses on technology for the construction industry, hosted a webinar to present its updated dashboard. Scott Caudle, a Triax representative, will speak about its landmark product, the Spot-r clip, and trends in the safety wearables industry at the second annual Spotlight on Solutions tech symposium on June 27th at the House of Blues in New Orleans. Full info and registration here.

Triax’s Spot-r system combines a proprietary mesh network with compact sensors and a cloud-based dashboard to identify where resources are active on site and how they’re interacting. By automating manual processes, monitoring workers and equipment, and leveraging the Cloud for real-time insights, Spot-r enables contractors to optimize worksite safety and performance and keep projects moving.

Mike Leonetti, Client Engagement Specialist with Triax, took attendees through each element of the Spot-r dashboard, which includes customizable tabs for workers, equipment, points of interest, project zones on a construction site, and reports. Leonetti said that many of the 15 updates to the dashboard in 2018 were created based on client suggestions. “The biggest difference that Triax offers is visibility,” Leonetti said. “Visibility means having real-time access to worker and equipment locations, and worker falls and site hazards.”

The device detects falls at the jobsite, identifying who, where, and distance of the fall, improving injury response time by up to 91 percent. By activating the push-button alert at the bottom of the clip, workers can report worksite hazards or signal distress to designated supervisors from anywhere on site.

He gave the example of a client that was able to avoid significant damage to the floor of a building because the worker used Spot-r to alert the superintendent on the floor above that a sprinkler was malfunctioning. They were able to address the issue and shut off the sprinkler within a minute. On the safety side, the dashboard includes an “events to date” report, emailed to the project management team on a customizable schedule. Leonetti also showed attendees how to input certifications like OSHA 30 on a worker-specific level with their expiration dates, so management is warned if certifications are close to expiration.

Leonetti explained further that each clip is assigned by scanning once and unassigned by scanning another time, there is no on/off switch. “We say basically to treat it like PPE,” Leonetti said. “Take it home like your hard hat and bring it back like your hard hat.” Each clip will remain charged for four to six months and depends on a radio frequency, rather than GPS, eliminating the risk of losing signal indoors. Workers are automatically clocked in and out when their clips step on or off the site.

Triax clients include major firms Oracle Construction and Engineering, Bosch, and United Rentals.

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